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July 13, 2012
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Hazardous App: Rio Hapitree by LuckyBlacCat Hazardous App: Rio Hapitree by LuckyBlacCat

Hazardous App: Rio Hapitreeby LuckyBlacCat

Manga & Anime / Digital Media / Drawings©2012-2014 LuckyBlacCat
IT'S RIO VERSION 4!!!//shot ded

Name: Rio Hapitree
Age: 17 Yr Old
Gender: Male
Height: 6"5'
Birthday: April 22
Division: Poisonous
Rank: Member
Element: Osmium

Description: Rio is one of the Medics in the Poisonous division. When he was younger, Rio was quite abused and tortured as a child, but that didn't stop him from gaining a love for the medical field. He started to create medicine, and treated it to the injured animals from the streets. Now, Rio creates new types of medicine through his experiments, to help the injured and sick to get better a lot sooner.

-Giant gloves are for medical uses, experimental uses, as well as using them for gardening. Also his gloves are his only weapon.

-His googles help him to see better and protect his eyes, when working with chemicals.

-His tracker is on his neck, it's his necklace.

-His Garden/gardening
-Paper Bags
-Animals/ Mostly Porcupines
- Reading/Books/Learning
-His Confidence Book
-His Friends
-His twin Brother, Tuna

-People (He gets nervous around people, and he has a lack of trust with them)
-His height (He dislikes that people stare at him, for being tall)
-Being Stared
-Loud Noises
-Being Pressured
-Scary Surprises/ Scary Stuff
-Toilets (He still use them, but their is a funny story why he is afraid of them, lol)
-His Hands

Personality: Rio is a very awkward, kind-hearted, scaredy cat, and nervous young man. Also, he is quite shy and not that talkative, main reason is that he has a strong trust issue with people. When people give him to much pressure or they are within the distance of 10 ft. of him, Rio wil start hyperventilating, and use one of his numerous paper bags to calm him down. Even though he is afraid of people, he will face his fear, just to heal the wounded and the sick. Also, Rio is very loyal to his leaders, he will follow their orders, even if he has to face one of his fears.

Rio is getting better with his awkwardness and fears. He doesn't hyperventilate as much as he use too and he is starting to get close to others. His stuttering has die down as little, and slowly
is becoming more confident.

Weapon: Rio is not much of a fighter, he is actually quite weak. Even his defensive skills are quite weak, but when in contact with an enemy, Rio uses the giant needle at the tip of his glove as his weapon. Once his needle is injected into the opponents bloodstream, they experience one of the following dizziness, tired, sick, or even illusions. When Rio notice that his opponent is weak, he will high tail out of the area as fast as he can. Also, he uses a paint can to sometimes spray his victims, with the chemical. AKA: Peper Spray XD

-Rio has the power to create a poisonous toxic vapor from his hands, it can go through the human body, which damages the body in other words instinct kill. It increases in concentration depending on his mood, but he never uses the power, because every time he uses his power, their is a high chance of him dying from using it to much. (Rio only used this power once in his life.)

-Defense Mode: Rio's body gets covered up from his hands powers which creates a strong black-like armor. (He doesn't know about this power)

Aftereffects of Powers:
-Throwing Up Blood
-Lost of Conscious
-Sometimes Even Comas
-Tempory Blindness

Before the age of 6, Rio had a pretty normal childhood life. Both of his parents love him and his twin brother, Naoki dearly. His parent would always be with them no matter what. Rio loved his twin brother and would not leave his side, due to the fact that Rio was so shy. One day, his brother went missing, Rio's parents told him that Naoki was sent to a special hospital and that he will return real soon. Then his parents had to go away for a business trip, and had to leave Rio in the care of a caretaker. Rio was pretty upset, but his parents told him that they promise that they will come home safely with Naoki all healthy. Secretly, his parents were Hazardous agents, and they went on a mission, not a business trip. But this mission was a top priority for them, it was a rescue mission to save Naoki from his kidnappers. His mother was the last person who was possessed the element Osmium. A week later came, and the came back home...within coffins. Rio was heartbroken, believing that they had broke their promise, and thus begun Rio's luck of trust in people.

Rio was sent to the orphan age, his parents weren't very connected with his family, reason for that is...they thought Rio was strange looking, because of his hair, eyes, and especially his hands. Sent to the orphan age, Rio tried to make friends with the other children, for this was the first time he has ever met another child in his life. At first, the laugh at him, for thinking he was a little odd, but that didn't start his nightmare. It started as soon as a little girl got up to him, and points at him, saying the awful words that Rio dislike....
"Monster" she said, "It's a monster guys!" The other children joined in the harassment of Rio and thus caused Rio's nightmare to begin.

Throughout the years, Rio was bullied, picked on, torture, abused, and laughed at through the ages of 5 till 15. The torments gotten worser throughout the years, leaving many scars, bruises, black-eyes, burns and numerous wounds on him. Slowly, Rio started to forget a bit of his past, losing hope that anyone will save him. This caused him to have fear of everything and everyone. Though it was bad, Rio began his interest into the medical field, when he would heal injury strays in the neighborhood. Also Rio made one friend around the age of 13. He actually started to trust again. But then at the age of 15, she betrayed Rio, by telling the other children his deepest darkest secrets, believing they would stop picking on Rio then. Rio and her had and argument.

"Well, maybe if you weren't such a thing, you would actually have friends! Your nothing more than a monster in a human shell!" she said, realizing what she said was his biggest fear, "Rio...I-" Rio ran away from her, went back to the orphan age, gained enough courage and ran away. Believing that nothing was holding him back now. Rio believed that maybe the outside world was kinder and gentler...But sadly he was wrong...Rio went to get some food from a fast food station, covering up his face and body with numerous clothes...a little girl watched him.

"Mommy, what's wrong with the boy??" she asked, then she walked up to Rio, and scared him. "Gha!" Rio says, as he falls to the ground, and his scarf, hat, sunglasses came off, to show his face.
"Mommy....This boy is really weird looking...i-is he a monster??" she asked as everyone stared at Rio. Rio panic and runs out of the store. Thinking to himself, "I-I thought i-i-it would be d-different o-out here!! I-I was w-wrong! N-No mater w-where I-I go, p-people still stare a-at me...a-and c-call me t-that a-awful name! M-M-Monster!" Rio hides within an ally, believing it was safe.
Sadly, he was wrong, a mugger came and attack Rio, Rio frighten by this. This is when, Rio's powers activated, and Rio accidently took the muggers life away with the power of his hands. Rio panic, but before he could call for help, Rio felt like his heart was going to explode, he then realized that the power he had gained, can also take his life away. Rio thought it was over, when he briefly remember, that his mother used to play a guessing game with him and he had to guess were she worked at. All she said was Hazard....And when thinking of his mother, he remember his twin brother Naoki....Thus began Rio' s search for Hazardous and Naoki...

But, before he joined Hazardous, Rio was kidnapped after he ran away from the Orphanage. He was sent to a laboratory, for experimentation on his hands. This caused damage to Rio's confidence and to his hands. This also caused the damage of some memory lose for Rio, losing parts of his memories of his twin brother Naoki. They brought more torture and abuse to Rio, seeing how capable his hands were. They treated him as if he was an animal, mostly a monster. One day they went overboard, and awaken his powers defense mechanisms. Rio blacked out after it's awaken and found himself on the streets again. Rio started to search for Hazardous quicker and finally found the headquarters of Hazardous.

~Twin Brother, Naoki, Tuna S. Almon-[link]


-Rio now carries a confidence book with him, slowly becoming confident with himself.

-After Rio activates his powers, his hair turns into a whitish-blond, like the in the middle of his hair. This is a after-effect of his powers.

-Rio has his own secret garden in his room. One garden, is the normal one, while the second one is his experimental garden. Such as growing pineapples that are purple or roses that are sliver.

-Rio takes off his mask, when he feels truly comfortable around others.

-Under his gloves are some bruises, burn marks, scratches and scars from his poor childhood. He never takes off his gloves, only when he is alone or with someone he truly trust with all of his heart.

-In his medical pouch, it holds his medicine, bandages and loads of paper bags

-Rio has Hyperventilation Syndrome and Anxiety Disorder.

-When talking to Rio, he is always 10 ft. or further away from you, and sometimes he hides behind a wall/large objects.

-One of his eyes are green, and the other is brown, he was born this way. But within his brown eye their is a unique swirl, its a side effect from his element.

-He has a plant named, Sophie, it often bites him, but he seems to not mind it~

-He wears a mask, because of low confidence and in his past, the children use to call him a monster. Also, because of his powers, the mask helps stabilizes his powers.

-Secret: Because of his emotions so unstable his powers are out of control, his hands are disfigure and monsterous looking.

-In his Confidence Book, Rio holds in it a group picture of everyone in Hazardous/Bionic

Voice and Theme Song
at 1:40
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